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Hello. My name is Samson Lipuka. I am a taekwondo Istructor currently based in Nairobi, Kenya,  but at times I have travel out whenever I am needed

Frankly, it never occured to me that I would one day become a taekwondo Instructor. I at first startde in boxing. You see, I had an uncle who was in the Armed Forces and was a boxer. He even represented Kenya. So I started boxing in my third year in high school.
After high school, I joined the Mombasa Boxing club as a junior boxer. To be exact I was among the first junior since boxing at the time was the preserve of older people. And when I came to Nairobi, I joined a boxing club. But I left. Boxers in Nairobi were less disciplined and were doing things which in my opinion were not right. Specifically, they were muggers and used marijuana. So I quit.
The I joined Judo, moved to karate and ended up in taekwondo. I simply loved taekwondo and still do. Unfortunately I never became a competitor in taekwondo as had been the case when I was in karate. You see, I was the first to study taekwondo in East Africa. And of course when we organised competitions I wouul have played against my own students. Very unfair, if you ask me. Anyway, it was not my decision. My Korean Masters advised me not to compete. Instead they taught me to referee, and so I became the first to referee a taekwondo match.
What I can say is that I am still the longest-practising martial artist within this region. Most of my former colleagues have retired. Young people do not seem to have the discipline to train for long and devote their time in the study of taekwondo. Most only see taekwondo as a means to a livelihood.
Those who have taken up the task of training others in taekwondo are not much different either. I have seen taekwondo commercialised to an extent that the standards have drastically gone down. I have seen people fighting for positions in taekwondo not to promote taekwondo, but to enrich themselves. They have used taekwondo to trafick non-members to other countries. And I have seen them misappropriate Association funds. It suddens me that even aid and assistance given to the Association ends in individuals' pockets. And I have seen officials demanding bribes from players so that they may travel as members of the National team.
I have never charged my students for my training. Yes, they pay something, those who can. But whatever is paid goes to an account and we use the money for our activities such as participating in competitions. Unfortunately, most of my students are from the underpriviliged area. So on many occasions I find that I have to cater for their personal well-being. It is a drain on my finances, but it's worth it, especially when you see your student moving out of the ghetto to something better............


What a job!

Taekwondoist cum broadcaster. Interviewing the Korean Ambassador to Kenya for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation Television.

Memorable moments

There are many memorable moments in my life, but some stand out more than others. Let me tell you about them.
At one time I went to Egypt on a tour of duty. I stayed in that country for almost a year. During my stay, naturally I looked for  a teakwondo club and I did find it. The club was based at the Shooting Club in Dokki area of Cairo.
The coach Ally Noor had never met me, but he let me join his club for free. He did not even know that I had had some taekwondo experience. Not only did he train me for free, he offered me a free tracksiut and taekwondo uniform. I will never forget such generosity. I believe that Ally is now the Vice- President of the Egyptian Taekwondo Federation, and I wish him well. Thank you Al

The other was my stay in Tanzania in 2005. I had been invited to Tanzania by the then President of the Tanzania Association to prep[are the players for the African Championships. I am talking about a man I had hosted at my home for a long time and considered a friend. But he was a chameleon. He refused to pay me and denied even evidence of his own writing to relevants spotrts officials. He even called Immigration Officers to arrest me.
But someone came to my aid. I had no home, and my passport had been confiscicated. The man was one Joseph Chuwa. He did not know much about me other than the fact that I was a taekwondo Instructor and he was also a coach. He came to my aid and offered me accomodation and food for a whole FIVE months. He even gave me some allowance for my expenses. There are very few people who can do this in this world. I shall be forever be grateful to Joseph. Thank you Joe.
Some comments I need to add. I have trained a lot of people, and have found many intellgent students. But some still stand out. I have just mentioned Joseph Chuwa in Tanzania. He is the Instructor of Meru Martial Arts Club in Arusha. If he can keep at it, he is the furute of taekwondo in Tanzania.
The other, still in Tanzania is Joshua Silas. I young man I lived with for sometime, and trained at St. Teresa's Taekwondo Club and Kijenge Taekwondo Club in Arusha, he is a good student and a quick learner, and an excellent competition material. These two, with encouragement, could really revolutionalise taekwondo in Tanzania. They are keen, committed and completely self-less
Back in Kenya, I usually look at one particular student with pride. This is Eliud Mutalii.. Eliud joined my club when he was just ten and started by competiting in junior events. He never lost from day one. Then he, too became an instructor at St. Benedict's Catholic Church in Nairobi.
The club went on to produce sveral internationals. Among them are Timothy Malela, now with the Armed Forces and former finweight African Champions, Judy Mwihaki, also n African Ladies' finweight champion and Benson Voiya. He is currently employed as a Sports Teacher with a presigious high- cost school in Nairobi.
I am proud of all these people and glad to have met them.
I am proud that the Association I personally founded amid a lot of oppositio, even from my fellow taekwondo practitioners, the Kenya Taekwondo Association, has grown to the level it is today.
Among the clubs I have trained are;
1. Undugu Taekwondo Club,
2. Kenya Science Teachers' college
3. City High School,
4. Kenya High School
5. St. Goerge's Secondary School
6. Nairobi School
7. Utalii College
8. Compuera Academy
9.Genesis Joy School
10. Nairobi Youth Center
11. St. Teresa Taekwondo Academy     Tanzania
12. Meru Martial Arts Club                    Tanzania
13. Kijenge Taekwondo Club                 Tanzania
14. The EU International School            Tanzania
15. Changamwe taekwondo club
16. C....haani taekwondo club

This is my site and my involvement in Taekwondo